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All new students will be asked to sign a Private Teaching Contract. Particular note is in regard to Clause 2, where we require 24 hours notice of cancellation of any pre-arranged individual lesson, by e-mail or by phone.

1. Fees
Lesson fees are subject to annual review.
2. Missed lessons
Any lesson missed by the student shall be paid for unless otherwise agreed with the teacher. If the teacher is unavailable to give any scheduled lesson, the lesson will be carried forward to another date. If this is not possible, any fee already paid will be refunded or used to pay for a future lesson.
3. Additional lessons
Extra lessons may be scheduled during holiday periods or at any other time by mutual agreement.
4. Termination of Agreement
A decision to discontinue lessons may be taken by the student / parent / guardian or the teacher in which case written notice, as shown overleaf, shall be given by the party seeking to discontinue. In the event that the student discontinues lessons with insufficient notice, the student/parent/guardian will be liable to pay fees for those lessons not taken during the notice period.
5. General
a) The student/parent/guardian agrees to pay for any music/strings/reeds repairs etc required by the student and provided by the teacher.
b) The student/parent/guardian will be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to any instrument, accessory or music loaned by the teacher to the student. Such items will be returned on request to the teacher.
c) The student/parent/guardian undertakes not to make photocopies of any music.
d) Examination entries, festivals, competitions or otherwise will only be entered if the student and teacher are in agreement. Any entry fees will be
paid for by the student/parent/guardian.
e) The student/parent/guardian is responsible for the insurance of the student’s instrument.
f) In the interests of the student’s well-being whilst in the teacher’s care, the teacher must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the student.
g) If the student is under eighteen, the parent/ guardian gives permission for the teacher to teach the student.
— “Term” in the above context corresponds to the termly calendar in Local Authority (LA) schools.

— MU members are insured personally in respect of legal liability that may arise following injury or damage to members of the public. The limit of indemnity is £10m. This policy is only operative whilst the individual registered member is performing, rehearsing or auditioning either solo or as part of a group, band or orchestra and/ or whilst teaching either at the member’s own home, the student’s own home, or in a public place including transit to and from.
— It is important to note that whilst a teacher will use his or her best endeavours to ensure the student makes satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed. In particular, careful regular practice as advised by the teacher is a
prerequisite of success on a musical instrument

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