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I am very pleased with the way Mark has given my son Daniel the confidence to play the guitar. The lessons are varied and good value for money. I am impressed with Mark's manner which is very approachable and friendly.

Mobile Guitar Lessons is such a good idea. Both my children can have their lessons at home without their parents having to worry about getting the childeren to different lessons at different times. A great idea and cost effective.

I always wanted to play guitar, right back in the 70's when I was a teenager. Over the years various friends had temporarily loaned me guitars to play with, but it never came to anything as I had no idea of where to start. Also, the guitars would go out of tune very quickly and I lost interest because I had no direction.

We spotted Mark's car and my wife decided that I should start to have guitar lessons for my birthday (December 2009) at age 50 plus. Some months later, having being advised by Mark as to where to buy an acoustic guitar and (even better) where to buy a chromatic tuner (no more problems keeping the thing in tune) I have an array of songs or parts of songs that I feel comfortable playing and some well known riffs and intro's to songs that I can play without reference to his unique music sheets.

Mark's methods do work, particularly if an oldie like me can master it. Plus he always brings something new every time he visits, so I am continually challenged to master new things. I get my own back by presenting him with songs that I want to master and I have not stumped him yet!!! This mobile way of learning certainly works for me and I have no hesitation in recommending his business to anybody.

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A series of guitar, bass and acoustic guitar lessons to get you up and running.


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